A nomad gamer who discover the wonderful world of character creation through the introduction of CAS (Create A Soul) system in Soul Calibur III on the Playstation 2. The game open up the possibility of what I would like to refer to as “Dream Match” by pitting characters of different origins against each other in a stylish all-star arena battle. The option allowing you to create/customize characters of your liking from top to bottom ignited my passion to research and delve deeper in to this subject to improve my skills for making better custom characters as I thoroughly enjoy process of both creating as well as looking at creations from other people.

Through continuity of the Soul Calibur series we’ve seen the many changes upon the CAS system (some good, some bad) which also introduces many new creative ways for fans of the series to create their own unique customs. Soul Calibur : Broken Destiny on the PSP became one of my favorite due to the addition of parts perspective manipulation as well as being a portable Soul Calibur which grants me the pleasure of creating custom characters wherever/whenever I want to.

My research on CAS not only lead me to many websites/forums but also introduces me to many of the interesting people here which are very creative, helpful and also very opinionated (LOL) that I really enjoy interacting with.

I thoroughly hope everyone enjoy and appreciate what I have to offer. Looking forward in sharing your views, thoughts and ideas on any subject of interest. ;)

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