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A spelunker of the Platonian Caves trusting only my mind and my heart in my escape from the concrete world created by those of power. I do not perfectly fit society's ideal norms as a blonde, blue-eyed, athletically built man but as a self-described person of words. I may come off as odd due to my non-mainstream perception of life but never label me. I aspire fame as a writer and a poet. Remaining in this labyrinth of life, literature is where I delude myself in notions of fantasy often with a fedora or a flat cap but never a baseball cap or beanie to hold my thoughts in place. Rather than alcohol; I prefer to drink coffee to satisfy my thirst. Besides literature, I love caring for cats and perhaps they too are an inspiration to me as a writer. I am my lord and savior. I serve only my heart, whether it is for my loved ones or myself but not those who hold power. I long for the old days of classic literature while I add a modern twist of my own. So be it if I march to the beat of a different drummer. I am just a lost soul at New Jersey City University majoring in English while focusing on being a creative writer with an aspiration for fame. As a writer, my greatest influences are George R. R. Martin, Edgar Allen Poe, and the Bard himself.

Gaming's not as important to me anymore ever since I chose to pursue writing over game design so my custom characters are from my main series "Ignis Fatuus." No relation to one of Viola's possible "weapon" choices of course.

Soul Calibur V Characters

Wanderering Spirits

Those who have no particular devotion to a specific faction and favor the path of a vagabond.

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Kingdom of Asturania

Known as a country on a peninsula, Asturania is known for being an adventurer's hub as well as hold the base for the Holy Knights of the Order. As such, the Capital lies at its' heart and despite being a strongly religious country, it was known for its once lenient king and its navy led by the ex-pirate Seimeon. Yet this land is also hated by those from the lands known as the Dunes who once possessed it. Some say that the Usurper of this country is back to reclaim the land… others believe he is a demon who will lead to the beginning of darkness…

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The Order

The knights of the Novus Lux, only the most elite of warriors are inducted to this order. Some are sworn to protect the Imperator, others to enforce his will upon the proletariat. They are willing to lay down their life for both their Lord on Teras and their Lord Dius.

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It may appear to be a mercenary company, the members of this group are actually an underground society that seeks to defeat the Novus Lux. They are believed to be only a myth in Corazoras led by the one called the Moon's Blade.

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