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Hello friends of the Soul Calibur's universe. I discovered this website a short time ago searching information about SC3. This game caught me from the beginning. Im Sabrac and I'll try to help this place for be better and better with my contributions. Thanks for the chance of be here. For any message, this is my e-mail: moc.liamtoh|900cirle_drawde#moc.liamtoh|900cirle_drawde

Soul Calibur III Originals

Asura Serieux Aroniel View
Chigusa Sasaki View
Claire Lucie Lacroia View
Gilgamesh Trauss View
Hecate View
Karidra de Saint Aignant View
Kenpachi Urashima View
Luviangella Amestris View
Misanagi Kamijou View
Mitsuomi Kanou View
Renka Minazuki View
Sabrac Serieux Aroniel View
Shura Takamine View

Soul Calibur III Cameos


Black Rock Shooter View
Bob Makihara View
Caster (Medea) View
Fuu Hououji View
Great Saiyaman View
Karin Aoi View
Lenalee Lee View
Maki Gero View
Maya Natsume View
Muten Roshi View
Naga the Serpent View
Orihime Inoue View
Pandora View
Pheles View
Rosette Christopher View
Makoto Kino View
Ami Mizuno View
Saori Kido (Athena) View
Shizuku View
Soi Fong View
Sumire Kanzaki View
Tatsumi Tokumaru View
Umi Ryuuzaki View


Ark View
Ayane View
Brock View
Cammy View
Cheryl View
Chiho Masuda View
Gades View
Gardevoir View
Jeanne d'Arc View
Jin Kazama View
Kanako Yasaka View
Lancelot Lakeknight View
Lang View
Luigi View
May View
Mikado View
Mora View
Mystical Elf View
Night Assailant View
Nina Williams View
Noel Vermilion View
Paul Phoenix View
Protoman View
Ranger View
Rook Castle View
Ryu Hayabusa View
Samus Aran View
Sazanka View
Suminagashi View
The Prince View
Tsubaki Yayoi View
Viera (Fencer) View
Wonder Momo View
Lady Ninja Yae View


Dee Dee View
Dexter View
Don Ramón View
Firestar View
Jimmy View
Johnny Bravo View
Megamind View
Mojo Jojo View
Opera Elmer View
Papa Smurf View
Raven View
Shaggy View
Space Ghost View
White Man View

Soul Calibur Broken Destiny Characters

Coming soon! (I don´t know when :P)