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Perseonn Balthasaar

I am a Character Creation enthusiast and one of the former member of Soul Gateway. I still remember the time when I fist play Soul Calibur III after being shocked by drastic gameplay change from Soul Edge to Soul Calibur II. My hopes were not high, but Soul Calibur III have a user-generated content that I really love: The Character Creation. Since then I can expand my own story, fiction Chronicles because I can easily imagine what my character would look like.

While Soul Calibur IV and Soul Calibur V left me disappointed, I still thank NBGI for bringing CaS system for the first time.

I was not a fan of the Dynasty Warriors series since I played 2 and 4 and was not satisfied by it. However, as recommended by my friend, Buster Wolf, I tried the 7 Empires Demo and really like the gameplay and edit character mode. KOEI made it right this time, and same for 8 Empires. I have a little doubt of 9 Empires, but KOEI have a rather long time to finalize 9's overall gameplay.

If you have a question regarding the site, feel free to contact me on moc.liamtoh|nnoesrep#moc.liamtoh|nnoesrep or on my Discord: Perseonn#7731.

Main Characters

Spica AndromedaLascivious PassionView
Renn DantalionSable DesireView
Sleipial Ni AibellSurvive BlossomView
Perseonn BalthasaarBenevolent TravelerView
RudolphContumacious FellowView
Kirsche SerpentearRenaissance SeafarerView
Charmaine d'AuvergneSanguine RomancerView
Eurystheus TirynsConfident BeastliegeView
AelloEverfateful WingsView
PiercePoised ConscienceView
Blanche d'AuvergneInfluential RoseView
Leonide d'AuvergneBellicose ArmsView
Rebellia ArtemiciaDoubtful SentinelView
Richter FormalhautRousing JuvenescenceView
Cathabell MarigoldIllusive MaidenView
Suzuka HaneharaSusceptive PriestessView
Kagerou HinoLawful ExorcistView
Artair Ó SeachnasaighAmbitious VoyagerView
Evangeline Mhic ArtairHopeful HealerView
Abe SeimeiOrderly LandlordView

Sub Characters


Honami HoushouTranquil InnkeeperView
PhoenicaDesignated SwordprincessView
Rhadamanthys DantalionGreatfather of the DantalionView
Rui DantalionAvernus ClericView
Aibell Mhic DubhlainnStern Queen of the Faerie MoundView
Dubhlainn Ua ArtiganImpuissant King of the Faerie MoundView
Danae BalthasaarHigh Consort of MithridatesView
Zeus BalthasaarHigh King of MithridatesView
Mr. NatureHard SuperheroView
Nero GermanicusLost PainterView
OcypeteForbearing WingsView
CelaenoRebellious WingsView

Personal Quests

Astaroth AdamEcstatic Serpent RiderView
Kharon MelchiorPrime Minister of MithridatesView
Daniel RaumschiffWelkin Knight-CommanderView
The SecutorVengeance SeekerView
Julien SorelJet Black PrinceView
Louise de RênalScarlet PrincessView
Uriel the LightbringerTetragrammaton LightView
Raphael the HealerTetragrammaton ClericView
Gabriel the MessengerTetragrammaton MessengerView
Michael the BouncerTetragrammaton GuardianView
Israfel the TrumpeterTetragrammaton RingerView

Faction Leaders

SandalphonSolitary IsolatorView
OotenguMaster of ArayashikiView
Hattori KeijiMystical EnforcerView
Volodymyr RasputinTsar of AnivaView
Jee-ManComposed ModeratorView

Deities of Lost Illusion

MaayaaUnbroken DelusionView
ViergeUnbroken LustView
AliceUnbroken InnocenceView
EskUnyielding WillView
EoIndomitable StruggleView
FeyEndless KnowledgeView
LasyaArdent CompassionView
ElbaUnconditional SubmissionView
LudiaUnreasoned LoyaltyView

Four Horsemen

White RiderAshen Steed of ConquestView
Red RiderDamask Steed of WarView
Black RiderSable Steed of FamineView
Pale RiderMuted Steed of DeathView

Residents of Sand Dream

BinerphegorTrampling Soul VandalView
MishagujiDefender of the VandalView
MatadorZealous SellswordView
IubhrachPropitious ArrowslingerView
OnmyoujiMeticulous OracleView

Gods of Dream Port

BoannSovereign RimeView
FlidaisSovereign FulgurView
SolamhSovereign DarknessView
LibanSovereign SanityView
NuadaSovereign VoidView
KitsunebiForsaken InfernoView
YatagarasuForsaken GaleView
FutsunushiForsaken RadianceView
MikaboshiForsaken DarknessView
Yuemia XiunautiiaForsaken AetherView

Races of Dream Port

Therian (Tellbasta & Vargr)Fanged TamerView
Savarain (Rani & Raja)Fanged GuardiansView
Aelf (High & Red)Winged BardsView
GryphonWinged ConquerorView
Tristram (Iseult & Tristram)Hallowed ArmaturaView
Frost (Jill, Jack, & Jimbo)Frozen BellsView
Trojan (Mare)Hooved ShamanView
Demon (Buck)Nocturnal HunterView
DevilNoctunrnal SoothsayerView
Lich (Lady & Gentleman)Dreaded KeeperView
Myunos Cow & BullVined MilkmaidView

Crossover Characters

Su XiaolinLone FlowerView
Huang QinglongHeaven ThunderView
Hui LangJasper BlazeView
Xie LilingAquamarine RiverView
Su JiangyingTurquoise SnowView
Xiaoke'aiSpinel StarView
Mileuda MyronMithridates TemplarView
Mirischia MyronMithridates JubileeView
Quinika MyronMithridates SongstressView

Other Characters

Aminon OssetiaEvil Eye of LibahView
Arcadia ProserpineCrimson Flower MistressView
AtroposMoirae InexorableView
Airlangga BarongBenevolent BeastView
Busty Wolf102-68-90View
ClothoMoirae SpinnerView
Crimea BlackshardEbony Octave AriaView
DavidsonDubious BikerView
HaechiLion-Dog of KedeshView
Hammond HamstreizerFounder of Red Cape StyleView
KristovaHer First Name is SpalkoView
LachesisMoirae AlotterView
Perseoff View
QubeleyaWaltz BladeView
Ramita JillClay CraftmasterView
Rhadamanthys RutherfordIvory Ash DefilerView
RusalkaNocturne PuppetView
Scherazard ZelateurtriceFlaxen Volition BanneretView
SlimmLanky ThiefView
TetotetometomeNeural NightcrawlerView
TowrBovine SuperheroView
VenusCannot be UnseenView