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Born on the planet Krypton, where a freak lab accident gifted me with my incredible powers. When my parents where killed in a dark alley by a radioactive spider, I bonded with the speed force in a quest for revenge against the mafia. In my struggles, I was exposed to radioactive waste, which blinded me, but heightened my other senses. I then traveled to earth as an envoy of the Amazons, and was crowned king of Atlantis. Now I fight to protect truth, justice, and the american way.

… Or something like that, I forget. I like to play Soul Calibur, though, and think character creation is pretty neat!

Soul Calibur V Characters

Dazai Yuka@@View
Doktor Liedner@@View
Goblin Guard@@View
Little Imp@@View
Makoto Nakao@@View
Mei Ren@@View
Pink Bomber@@View
Tanuki Thief@@View


Dazai Yuka / Formula 1, Formula 2
Mei Ren / Formula
Doge Balasamo (Incomplete)
Goblin Guard / Formula 1
Kamilah / Formula 1 Formula 2
Lawrence / Formula
Dr. Liedner / Formula 1 Formula 2
Little Imp / Formula 1
Love Sparkle (Incomplete)
Pink Bomber / Formula 1 Formula 2
Tanuki Thief / Formula 1 Formula 2
Nakao Makoto / Formula 1