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Our history started from a Soul Calibur Character Creation forum which was closed by the administrator for unknown reason after running for 5 years (2008-2012). Since most of the images was retained, we decided to create a new site and named it after the character select announcement in Soul Edge, Another Stage of History.

The Cause of History

Perseonn Balthasaar joined a Soul Calibur Character Creation forum named Soul Gateway on April 5, 2007. At that time the administrator, C.T, was missing and people were trying their best commenting on each others creations. Interested in bringing a new life to the forum, Perseonn started learning about TV tuners and after several months, became one of the screenshotter. He made friends with the forum moderators, Slinn Thiefy and Buster Wolf. The latter become one of his best friend. Nearly a year later, C.T finally made a comeback and started to regularly update the site, which at that time only had Soul Calibur III (SC3) content. The content update was vast, it had around 300 characters for the SC3 site alone.

In early 2008, C.T made plans for the Soul Calibur IV (SC4) site, which Perseonn proposed to be named "Another Stage of History". In February 2009, the site was launched under the name "Soul Gateway - Another Stage of History". However, in late 2009 Perseonn had to focus on his education and raise money to purchase a new PlayStation 3, forcing him to abandon Soul Gateway.

In January 2011, Perseonn returned to Soul Gateway, with a HDMI TV Tuner and a PlayStation 3. After a month, C.T. asked Perseonn to take his place as site administrator. Perseonn agreed and performed regular updates on both the SC3 and SC4 sites. The once dead submissions continued. Perseonn was swamped during these times, but also happy about it.

In late 2011, C.T announced a plan to make a Soul Calibur V (SC5) site called CreatiVe Souls. Perseonn volunteered to be the part of the site as another administrator. March 2012, CreatiVe Souls was launched and the submissions were plenty.

In August 2012, C.T. went off grid and abruptly stopped all the SC sites and forum. While the decision is entirely his to make, his meltdown was passing strange. Apparently all the gratitude directed toward C.T while Perseonn worked for more than 80% (84.1% to be exact) of the site's content was deemed "not enough credits". Perseonn and C.T did not depart in a good term: C.T forbid that the site content being re-uploaded, but since Perseonn handles the majority of the screenshots the images are his. Together with Buster Wolf, Perseonn re-creates a new site using only the screenshots he took himself.

Soul Gateway Forum

Soul Gateway was a forum hosted on InvisionFree, a free forum hosting site. The forum size was quite large, but only a dozen of people were online at the time. While the community was not big, each person knew each other well and it was quite lively.

C.T founded Soul Gateway forum on December 22, 2005 after a persuasion e-mail from Buster Wolf. The forum formerly only had C.T as the screenshotter. As time went by, Kristof and Perseonn joined the rank of screenshotter, giving everyone a fair chance to display their character in the best manner possible.

There are three sites under Soul Gateway: BaneWolf's Soul Calibur III Character Guide, Soul Gateway - Another Stage of History, and CreatiVe Souls.

BaneWolf's SCIII Character Guide (BWSCIIICG)

The Soul Calibur III-based site. It was formerly silver and was the version Perseonn stumbled upon. He was intrigued by the site and thus joined the forum. BWSCIIICG offers author the ability to submit character, with their screenshot, formula, and story displayed. It had a large amount of cameos. Some were good, some were so-so, some were downright random.

Soul Gateway - Another Stage of History (SG-ASoH)

The Soul Calibur IV-based site. The name originated from a spoof custom character selection screen Perseonn made on Soul Gateway. SG-ASoH offers same function with BWSCIIICG with addition of author comments, visitor comments, and rating system. However, the site did not have Broken Destiny customs.

CreatiVe Souls (CVS)

The Soul Calibur V-based site. The name symbolizes creativity of authors and emphasize the V for Soul Calibur V. The site was database-driven, reducing the need of manual labor during update. It had a simple, but highly functional author page and favorite system.

Fall of Soul Gateway

Soul Gateway was closed on August 12, 2012. Until this article was written, the reason of Soul Gateway's closing is still unknown. C.T posted several reasons:

  • Not enough credit: C.T was the one getting all credit for the site, although Perseonn made most of the screenshots on the site.
  • Dead passion: Him having dead passion does not equal ruining other people's passion
  • Expensive monthly cost: Hosting cost was $5 for BWSCIIICG, $5 for SG-ASoH, and $20 for CVS. Perseonn twice volunteered to help paying the cost, but C.T said that he can handle it. The site also had ads. This is perhaps C.T's worst mistake: hosting the site on a premium service. During the conception of SG-ASoH, Perseonn suggested him to go to Wikidot or a similar Wiki-based site for easy management and free of charge service. He insisted that the site should be on premium service so it, by his words, "looks professional".